#39 - Vinay Patankar / Process Documentation with Process Street
#39 - Vinay Patankar / Process Documentation with Process Street

I had a great conversation with Vinay Patankar. He is the CEO of Process Street which is a SAAS Platform that allows business owners to document processes, procedures and checklists. We have discussed about the importance of documenting processes to grow, scale and sell a business. Do you know that your business will be more valuable if you have documented processes in place? That is a fact! We use Process Street a lot on our business as well. I am a big fan! I hope you enjoy the conversation!


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Short Recap

Process Street is an online service that allows companies to mirror their operational workflows into processes that can be scaled, reviewed, and optimized as well as tracked. The company supports SMEs with knowledge and the tool that enables to transform a time consuming and painstaking endeavor of writing down operational processes into a simple and effective initiative.


  • 02:50 On Processes and Process Street
  • 07:43 On Why documenting processes is so hard
  • 12:55 On clients’ profile
  • 15:05 On usability
  • 17:12 On processes visibility
  • 23:22 On consulting
  • 24:45 On eating one’s own “Dog Food”
  • 27:07 New features
  • 28:28 On integrability
  • 34:53 On managing complexity
  • 37:03 Unique message

Key Points

"A company without processes in place loses track of its core business. "

"Processes are love entities that require continous assessment and optimization. "

"Integration is key to processes optimization and efficiency. "

Links Mentioned

  • e-Myth - a book by Michael E. Gerber on “Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It” (audiobook version)
  • Zapier - A web-based service that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use.
  • Salesforce.com - A Cloud based CRM tool.
  • Jira - A “issue” tracking software tool.
  • ClickBook - An appointment scheduler.



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Aderson Oliveira
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