#40 - Tracey D'Aviero / The VA Opportunity
#40 - Tracey D'Aviero / The VA Opportunity

I had the pleasure of talking to Tracey D’Aviero. She is the president of the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants and we spoke about the VA Opportunity. What does it take to become a VA? The fact that being a VA is not a job, it is a business. You have to take care of marketing and promoting yourself. We spoke about the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants (CAVA), what it provides to its members and the partners they have access to via the association. A great conversation about what it takes to become a successful Virtual Assistant!


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Short Recap

Coaching towards VAs and entrepreneurs that want to start a VA business is one of Tracey’s main current activities within the CAVA Association towards Canadian professionals or the GLOBALVA Association (a branch of the first) that supports VAs from all geographies. Loads of useful content, inside information, and support through training as well as coaching for these cluster of professionals.


  • 02:03 Personal Backlog
  • 06:08 On working from home on a business
  • 08:13 On networking
  • 11:14 On clients
  • 12:45 On VA networking
  • 15:07 On market awareness towards VAs
  • 17:50 On deciding to become a VA
  • 21:29 On misfits
  • 25:36 On overseas competition
  • 29:46 About CAVA
  • 34:32 On content
  • 35:33 CAVA’s 5 year vision
  • 37:19 Unique message

Key Points

"Nowadays networking on facebook means you are just another drop in the bucket."

"Small business owners gatherings or events are excellent places to get clients. "

"Learning is a constant process. "

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