#5 - Interview with Ruby Mehta on Outsourcing in Large Scale
#5 - Interview with Ruby Mehta on Outsourcing in Large Scale

I have spoken with Ruby Mehta from Netsmartz.com about outsourcing in large scale with a team of over 1000 professional. She also spoke to the fact that Netsmartz can attend to some many different niches and technologies and what it takes to do that without losing focus in the process. Finally she spoke about the pros and cons about working with Freelancers as compared to larger outsourcing organizations like hers.


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Short Recap

Netsmartz VP of sales, speaks about the advantages of Outsourcing to a large agency in opposition to resorting either to local direct hires or individual freelancers. As well as about what needs to be part of the equation when considering Outsourcing.


  • 01:25 Netsmartz presentation
  • 03:32 Proposed flexible service models facing client company size
  • 05:22 Team allocation models
  • 08:05 Clients dynamics in moving to full outsourcing
  • 09:45 Setting up an Outsourcing organization to become fast and flexible
  • 12:20 What differs from choosing an individual freelancer or an agency
  • 15:11 Agencies effectiveness and efficiency edge
  • 18:28 The cost factor when compared to either local resources or independent freelancer
  • 22:58 The cultural gap topic
  • 26:07 Why some companies still hesitate towards Outsourcing
  • 28:28 What needs to be considered when about to Outsource
    • Key Points

      "When Outsourcing, the “natural” process is to start small and grow the engagement over time "

      "Once you get the same results by outsourcing, you no longer want to pay extra "

      "A freelancer may come cheaper, but maybe it’s not a bad idea to pay a little extra for your peace of mind "

      "Investing in technical and language training has proven to be a successful factor in supporting establishing bridges between clients and the team "

      "Outsourcing is much more than price and one should consider: appropriate skills set; communication; flexibility and work processes when deciding. "

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