#6 - Interview with Tiago Tavares on Outsourcing Webdesign to Brazil
#6 - Interview with Tiago Tavares on Outsourcing Webdesign to Brazil

I have spoken with my long-time friend Tiago Tavares. He has a webdesign agency in Brazil called TopDesignTeam and they provide webdesign outsourcing services. We have spoken about why outsourcing to Brazil is an attractive option, what are the benefits and why companies should consider Brazil as an outsourcing destination as well. We also spoke about the challenges of outsourcing to Brazil and how to address them.


Audio Only

Short Recap

The head of topdesignteam.com (a webdesign outsourcing agency from Brazil to the World), speaks about Brazil as a source for Outsourcing. The challenges (English proficiency; a tropical work momentum; etc...) and the benefits (skillful resources; time zone coverage towards the Americas; cost optimization; other....). How to outsource and engage.


  • 01:10 Short topdesignteam presentation
  • 03:00 topdesignteam client base and why
  • 05:50 The “English barrier” and how to overcome it
  • 08:27 webdesign world trends panorama
  • 10:40 Why is Brazil an outsourcing interesting option
  • 14:50 How to move towards Outsourcing
  • 17:34 What is a good job
  • 22:25 The “Horror Story” and how it was sorted out
  • 21:37 The personal experience as an outsourcing client in Brazil
  • 35:50 Pointing out main topics from this conversation

Key Points

"When outsourcing, the prudent way is to test before you commit"

"As it happens, complicated people do show up from time to time, and communication is crucial to overcoming misalignments"

"At the end of the day, providing a good job means meeting client’s expectations"

"Many clients are moving away from outsourcing to companies, in search of a more personalized experience by hiring freelancers"

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