#7 - Interview with Brett Levert on The Need to Embrace Outsourcing
#7 - Interview with Brett Levert on The Need to Embrace Outsourcing

I have spoken with Brett Levert from LeVerb Design (leverb.com) about how outsourcing is a key element of his business and that we all need to embrace it if we want to grow our businesses in the future too! We also discussed the tools he uses to manage his outsourcing team and we even had enough time left to do a tough call.


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Short Recap

A very enlightening conversation with Brett Levert from LeVerb.com (a Digital Consulting firm) on how outsourcing is a key aspect of his business (both as client and provider), and how we should all embrace it if we want our business to grow in the future. Plus, a very clear landscape layout on how to proceed avoiding highly unpleasant surprises and a great "role play" in a tough call between client and outsourcer, stay tuned!


  • 01:07 LeVerb.com
  • 01:47 How the Outsourcing experience started.
  • 03:00 Main Outsourcing Geographic sources.
  • 04:19 Key factors
  • 05:15 The US freelancer profile
  • 06:50 What LeVerb.com outsources (as a client)
  • 07:40 Outsourcing key elements
  • 11:00 The importance of documentation
  • 15:48 The toolkit
  • 18:18 The horror story
  • 21:36 What still does pose a challenge
  • 22:49 Selecting the “best fit”
  • 26:13 Red flags to look out for
  • 29:05 The “tough call” (roll play)
  • 35:00 Message and final thoughts

Key Points

"Getting outsourcing right, is a great way to grow really fast while providing a better service with higher quality standards "

"YTD outsourcing seems to show a country based expertise cluster pattern "

"There is a growing trend in Canada and the US of people who have decided to work remotely and therefore have become freelancers "

"Currently, one outsources from wherever the best resources are "

"The US and Canada provide process-oriented developers while some other countries like India or Pakistan take on a “Wild West” hands-on approach "

"At the end the final product quality may very well not differ between all the geographies, you need to find the right match "

"If you do not know (crystal clear) what your need is, your provider won’t either "

"If you don’t provide a clear roadmap who knows where the road may lead to "

"Take the time to produce a short video along with a short description document which acts as training/ coaching material that conveys what (you need) and How (to do it) "

"If the freelancer’s promise sounds too good to be truth, it usually is "

"Outsourcing and online remote work is the future "

Links Mentioned

  • Upwork - freelancers and projects outsourcing pool website
  • Wrike - Online tool for project management and work collaboration
  • Hubstaff - Time tracking software
  • Freshdesk - Help Desk Ticketing System
  • ManageWP - Reporting and tasks automation
  • Textbroker - Content sourcing


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