#8 - Interview with Keith Loris on Outsourcing Marketing Services and JointSourcing
#8 - Interview with Keith Loris on Outsourcing Marketing Services and JointSourcing

I have spoken with Keith Loris about outsourcing marketing services, or his version of it called JointSourcing. Very interesting model where they share the risks and rewards with their clients. We also spoke about what businesses should look for when evaluating a potential Marketing Agency to outsource their marketing initiative to and why the term "outsourcing" has a potential detrimental perception.


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Short Recap

Keith Loris from SalesRenewall.com proposes a model of Outsourcing Marketing Services called JointSourcing where risks and benefits are shared between client and provider. Also, we have spoken about what to look for when evaluating a Marketing provider as well as why may the word “Outsourcing” bare some “negative vibes”. Great chat, have a look.


  • 01:06 SalesRenewall.com
  • 03:26 Outsourcing Marketing
  • 05:06 What is JointSourcing
  • 10:35 On full transparency
  • 13:26 Success factors
  • 18:15 Horror stories
  • 20:34 Finding best-fit contractors
  • 21:28 The “tool belt”
  • 22:53 Barriers and misconceptions
  • 24:54 On how to evaluate a Marketing Services provider
  • 27:38 Key message about Outsourcing

Key Points

"We share the risk and reward "

"Jointsourcing means Joint Venture Insourcing "

"JoinSourcing’s logic is the same as when building a house. You don’t hire the plumber the mason and so on, you hire a general contractor "

"Finding best-fit contractors is “the challenge” "

"Having someone who enables an integrated Marketing offering is a key factor for success "

"If you outsource just to reduce costs, you will end up saving money but getting no added value "

Links Mentioned

  • Asana - Web and mobile task track and tracing application
  • Skype Video and Text communication service
  • Google Drive - Cloud Storage service


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Aderson Oliveira
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