#9 - Interview with Jason Ohrum - Myers-Briggs, Cultivating Relationships and Outsourcing
#9 - Interview with Jason Ohrum - Myers-Briggs, Cultivating Relationships and Outsourcing

I have spoken with Jason Ohrum about his many years of experience with Outsourcing. He talked about the importance of cultivating long lasting relationships with your outsourcing team and how he uses a questionnaire based on the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator to help him communicate better with his team. And we also had time for a Tough Call!


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Short Recap

Jason Ohrum, the President of JAZ Design Company providing Website and Internet Marketing services for over 18 years now shares his experience as an Outsourcing client and the importance of establishing long-lasting work relationships with freelancers, plus methodologies and tricks.


  • 01:05 JAZ Design Company
  • 02:45 Outsourcing – Secrets for success
  • 05:37 On creating remote successful work relationships
  • 07:24 About “Outsourcing Demystified” – the e-book
  • 10:26 How the Myers-Briggs test can help choosing the best fit
  • 12:20 Currently Outsourcing
  • 19:40 Work Track and Tracing
  • 22:25 Outsourcing trapdoors
  • 26:30 A Tough Call
  • 34:45 Core message

Key Points

"Regardless of geography, successful outsourcing lays on the quality of established work relationship. "

"Looking at freelancers as people and not commodities from day 1 will enable the establishment of empathy which inevitably leads to commitment and reliability, hence a Team. "

"A personality test will define the most suitable attitude to take towards a given person and therefore it is an indicator of how that person would fit in each environment. "

"The Myers-Briggs test is especially helpful if and when you seek a long-term relationship. "

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