#25 - Brian Casel: Content Marketing Outsourcing
#25 - Brian Casel: Content Marketing Outsourcing

I have spoken with Brian Casel about the right way to outsource content marketing and that content creation is just one side of the equation. Distribution is the other part. We have discussed about the interview process he puts his clients through so his team can tailor content that is specific to that business with its own unique voice. Towards the end he changed hats and we talked about his own business outsourcing practices to finding writers, project managers, assistants and developers.


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Short Recap

An interesting conversation with a Content Marketing expert sharing some core process hints and best practices towards producing and sharing valuable content for corporate clients. Plus how to properly leverage Social Media and Search Engines to surface quality content amidst the wide “noise” of poor content that currently overflows those platforms.


  • 01:24 About “Audience Ops"
  • 03:55 Things that companies do wrong when Outsourcing content
  • 10:23 How to make good content standout
  • 14:00 On the client relation challenges
  • 16:35 On finding the right “tone” for each client
  • 19:56 On distributing content
  • 24:08 On Social Media posting “ROI”
  • 25:35 The author dilemma
  • 28:14 The relevancy of posting dates
  • 31:00 On own Outsourcing hiring process
  • 36:16 The Horror Story
  • 40:08 Core message

Key Points

"Having a dedicated writer assigned per client, fosters awareness and core business knowledge."

"Outsourcing is all about communication, clearly expressing expectations and instructions."

"It is relevant to use content assets in conjunction with the other marketing initiatives."

"Merely running an add on a Social Media platform or Search Engine is not cost effective, do add valuable content."

"Valuable content conveys brand awareness and personal identification, which leads to clients."

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